A Trip of Sensations

Finikia Village perched on the hillsides that were once the agricultural heart of Santorini, a witness to rural heritage and famous for its aura of serenity.

The village is located in the north western part of Santorini Island and seems as if it has been sculpted into the banks of earth, it stands out for its colorful buildings that bring to life a painting and compose an incredible setting. Finikia is surrounded by slopes full of vineyards and stone threshing fields. It was fortunate enough not to sustain severe damages during the 1956 earthquake, and stands out for its architecture.

The brilliant structure of facades and their harmonious setting of individual elements answer the question of analogy and measure naturally.

The writer and poet, Kadio Kolimva, once said that the houses of Oia talk to the sea and the houses of Finikia talk to the earth and Finikia’s locals are indeed called “artists” because in such a land art is needed to produce and cultivate its most valuable products such as the world wide known Vinsanto wine and the Santorinian cherry tomatoes.