Dinner with Caldera View and Wine

Santorini Wines: tale as old as time…

«Wine is life». With these simple and plain words Horace, the Roman lyrical poet, described one for which many others before him and after, braided praise and left quotations in history with a glass of wine in hand, so as to inspire others. Have a glass of wine, probably the most wanted greek wine in the world, Assyrtiko and raise the bar of taste, in Santorini, the prime wine destination . Gaze over the Aegean sea from famous Caldera, enjoy the breath taking sunset from our...

Volcano Taste

Is anyone capable to taste the volcano? Under the right circumstances there is that ability.

The volcano explosion in Santorini, several centuries ago, has provided special and unique characteristics to Santorini’s vineyards. These characteristics are obvious in its great wines.

Santorini’s soil lacks of organic substances and in combination with the low rainfall levels and the strong winds during the summer, makes it hard for Philoxera (a vines’ disease) to survive.

Santorini’s vineyards are some of the oldest world widely.


Museums of Santorini

By visiting the museums of Santorini you can have a clear view about the island’s history, tradition and culture. There are many museums and you learn all about the archaeological findings in Thira, the prehistoric Santorini, the marine history and the wine production of the famous wines.

1) The Archaeological Museum in Fira is the first on our list. It has a great collection of findings which travel you back to one of the periods that Santorini flourished. The exhibits are mainly sculptures, statues and inscriptions...

Greece is… Santorini!

Santorini, Thira or Round (older name) is one of the most magical and intriguing places on planet Earth, an island located in the southern Aegean Sea, the island complex of Cyclades. Santorini belongs to the Aegean volcanic arc and is characterized as an active volcano.