Where Tradition Co Exists with Reality

Once Santorini becomes your destination, it will become your island destination for life.

Your stay at Sophia Finikia Villa will become an experience of enchanting atmosphere and the warm hospitality of this stunning traditional village, you will want to come back time and time again.

The location is unique! Situated in the middle of the traditional settlement of Finikia Village, in the northern part of the island where the rock was carved to offer unique and spacious cave rooms with views of the deep blue Aegean Sea from your pool, a tranquil atmosphere where only the sounds of nature can be heard and breath taking sunsets.

Blending the brilliant traditional textiles and surfaces with the island’s age-old volcanic stone, we created a complex whose beautiful stonework evokes a feeling of rough grandeur. The result proves that respect for tradition can coexist in perfect harmony with the luxuries of modern amenities.